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Match Quest

Match Quest is a game of Old Maid sprinkled with some minor RPG elements. It's inspired by the older Puzzle Quest games, but  it's a lot simpler with Old Maid instead of Match-3 mechanics. 

Lunar Escape

A simple obstacle avoidance game. Trek around the planet dodging incoming meteors and planetary eruptions as you wait for your rescue spaceship to arrive.

Deadwood Forest

A super simple "puzzle" game where you avoid trap tiles while you attempt to reach the end goal through 20 levels. Trial and error awaits you. This game will test your memory skills. Playing while exhausted is not recommended....or drink some coffee :P

The Gap

The Gap is a platformer where all you have to do is jump across the gap and touch the flag on the other side to complete the level. This game is a mixture of platforming skills and downright trolling. This is my very first complete game created with Unity!

Going Blind

A few months after TBK Battle I decided to create Going Blind. It's a game that I made for my mother. It is about her dog, Jake, and his struggles with slowly going blind at the age of seven. It was my first attempt at trying to express something in my game and, despite it's very basic gameplay, it was well received by the players. There is something magical about putting yourself into a game and having players connect with you through it. It is definitely something I plan to do more of with future projects.

TBK Battle

This is the first game I ever created back in 2014 after teaching myself to program for a few months. It is a simple turn-based combat game with RNG elements. Despite it's simplicity, I still really enjoy this game; however, I know it's because it was my first game haha I've toyed with the idea of creating a sequel with loads of new features, such as: XP and currency system, weapon and armor upgrades, spells with status effects, fantasy style enemies and bosses, as well as a simple story over an adventure campaign. Will it ever happen? Only time will tell...

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