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First Game Jam!

Probably should have written this sooner but better late than never, right? As the title says, I am going to be doing my very first game jam! In fact, it starts in two and a half hours from now haha I am super stoked to finally being doing a game jam! I've always wanted to do one but I was often too busy to allocate enough time to do one. "But there is always enough time," you say? Well, you are correct. There is always enough time to produce something no matter how short the game jam may be. So that leads to the other reason I haven't attempted one before - I'm not good enough....or at least that is how I felt.

In the past I was too nervous about attempting to do a game jam. I was afraid that I wouldn't be good enough or that I would fail miserably at meeting the deadline. I was worried that I would let myself down if I failed. Wanna know a secret about game jams? There actually is no failure. For those of you that don't know what a game jam is it is an event where you build anything that can be remotely considered a game within a set time limit that ranges anywhere from hours to weeks. At the start of the jam the person(s) hosting it will give developers a theme that must be in the game and then everyone gets to work creating a game. The whole idea of a game jam is to get you working on a game, alone or with others, and to push the limits of your creativity. So it doesn't matter how your game comes out, or if it even comes out at all, because you already succeeded by working on a brand new game (and developed your skills that much more through the experience). So you know what? Screw those petty fears! That negative, nagging voice in the back of my head - you can shut the fuck up too! I'm going to do this game jam and I am going to fucking love it no matter how it turns out! Own your fears - don't let them own you!

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